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Near Infrared Lamp Sauna Therapy

Learn about this powerful and low-cost healing therapy by reading the linked articles below:

Dr Friehling says
"I’ve been recommending only holistic health solutions for my patients for over 13 years.  One of my primary recommendations is frequent near infrared lamp sauna therapy.  SaunaSpace® is the only supplier I recommend and I usually direct my clients to their hypoallergenic poplar wood options.  Their design is classy and well-built, yet very affordable.”

SaunaSpace near infrared lamp sauna solutions

toll-free (844) 999-5858
2206 Nelwood Dr, Columbia, MO 65201

SaunaSpace® manufactures the Sauna Cabana™, the Ultra-Low EMF, Near Infrared Lamp, Portable Sauna.

infrared sauna frame and coverSaunaSpace® Near Infrared Sauna Cabana™

4 lamp infrared sauna unit mounted on frame

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