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I've told this story many times and want to put it out there to help others. My son broke his knee playing basketball in his freshman year in high school. If you google "jumpers knee" that is him. He was the "poster child," a good basketball player and runner who had done a lot of both. The tendon broke the bone in mid-air, since it was stronger than the bone, growth plate not yet closed. After orthopedic surgery, 7 2-inch screws, several weeks with not bending the knee or putting any weight on the leg, and then several weeks of physical therapy, he reached a point of pain from patellar tendonitis where he could not continue PT. 

I learned about Dr. Friehling and prolozone therapy through a work contact whose wife was a patient and who Dr. Friehling had helped. We took my son to see her (5 hours away and so worth the drive). He had 3 shots in different places around his knee. He was immediately able to return to PT and to make a long story short, although the surgeons thought the screws might never be removed and it would be at least a year before he could play basketball again, the screws had to be removed within a couple of months of seeing Dr. Friehling (due to healing of the knee pushing the screws out), James returned to playing basketball within 6 weeks of that second surgery, and he played out his high school years pain free, with no trouble from the knee, starter on a team that won their bracket at a national tournament. 

My husband also got a shot in his knee which has given him a lot of pain and it was very helpful. Three plus years later, we are thinking of returning for another shot. The cost is very economical, especially when compared with cortisone shots and surgery or stem cells. Anyone I've recommended this to who has followed through has also had success with this therapy.
Chris Wilson, Manhattan KS

Hi Dr. Friehling You treated Pat with ozone/PRP for shoulder pain 3/27, including major autohemotherapy. We are pleased with the results. She has been more focused and conversant, and the shoulders are more mobile and less painful during transfers. We are well aware of the benefits of PT for the shoulder joints--but frankly, we find it very difficult to inflict the necessary pain. Nonetheless, we plan to return in a couple of weeks for another session. You performed the treatment(s) very skillfully--thanks! 
P.W, female, age 77

Dear Dr. Bonnie S. Friehling,

I wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping free my ankle from the swelling and pain.

I fell down a flight of stairs and under my car while  taking a dog to the vet in a rainstorm over 45 years ago.  I was also 8 months pregnant.  A tow truck removed the car and I was immediately taken to St. Luke's Hospital where I met my OB Doctor. Since my ankle was not broken, attention was paid to the baby who was also fine.  The ER Doctor said to me at the time "You will have a lot of arthritis later in life from this fall and a lot of pain".  My ankle was wrapped and I had my first baby a month later.

During the last  year, the pain and swelling had become almost unbearable.  I made appointments to see a ankle specialist in the KC Sports Medicine office where I had a MRI and met with the Doctor. The MRI showed I had a torn ligament and lots of arthritis.  He suggested inserts for my shoes so that was the next step that would give my ankle support and keep it straight. The inserts made both of my feet throb so I  went back three times to have the inserts shaved down to make them more comfortable. I wore the inserts for two months.  I still had no relief and the swelling and pain continued.  As a last resort, the Doctor recommended surgery on my ankle removing all the arthritis. He said that I would be off my foot for six to eight months.

I also had gone back to work for three days a week where I was on my feet all day.

My brother, Bill,  had been receiving  Prolozone treatments from Dr. Friehling  In Columbia, Missouri for his hips and pain in his neck.  He had great success so Bill and his wife Gaby, called to get me an appointment.  I traveled to Columbia and met my brother and his wife on Friday, March 4, 2016.

I had five or six injections from Dr. Friehling and experienced only one shot that caused me pain.  My foot and ankle were  really swollen when I drove back to Kansas City after my treatment to a Dinner for the Police Foundation.  By the next morning, the swelling was almost gone and there was no pain.  So today is June 14, 2016 and I still have no swelling and no pain.  I can see my ankle again. YAHOO!!!

When I returned to my doctor in  KC  after my  Prolozone  treatment, he wanted to know what happened to my ankle.  I told him that I had Prolozone treatment in Columbia, Mo and he exclaimed: " Good for you". He knew all about the treatments and was happy that I was had no pain. I was so pleased that he was aware of this wonderful treatment and was not critical of me trying another procedure to help my ankle.  He suggested that I still wear my inserts but I have not done that. He also said that I should  try anything to avoid surgery.

I am approaching my 70th  birthday in November.

I cannot thank Dr. Bonnie Friehling enough and especially my brother and his wife Gaby for all their help and support.  Without them, I would never have known about Prolozone.

Thank you again,

Nicky Bunch   6/16/16

"About six weeks ago, I met a true healer named Dr. Bonnie Friehling and my life has been forever changed.

Nine (9) years ago when I turned 50, arthritis symptoms started manifesting.  At first, symptoms seemed innocuous, but then became progressively worse, month after month.  Drawing on sheer willpower, I would force myself forward, even in excruciating pain all the while covering it up the best that I could.  

Alternatively, sitting in my chair, became my "go to choice" because my knees hurt, my hips hurt and my Achilles' tendon had sustained injury due to excessive strain.  "Everyday activities" were not everyday to me.  Taking NSAID's offered a brief respite for a few hours, but the pain always returned with a vengeance and ibuprofen made my stomach hurt too badly.

Refusing prescriptions because of side effects and my extreme physical sensitivities to them, I thought my next option at age 59, was probably going to be a wheelchair.  Gardening, tending my bees and work were fast becoming less of an option because of the pain.   I had spent the last nine (9) years bouncing from specialist to specialist and then abandoning all because no answers were forthcoming and I was up against the wall.

Then, one day, an informational flyer arrived from Dr. Shallenberger which revealed a glimmer of hope about a treatment called Prolozone therapy. Realizing a visit to his office was not an option, I looked for someone closer who received Dr. Shallenberger training.

Enter, Dr. Friehling. Literally, a gift from God:  For such a time as this, she was placed upon the earth.

To me, after three treatments, the results were nothing short of amazing.  I have started taking walks again, my bees are glad to see me, my garden is amazing and I can approach the day with hope. Pain is a memory, quickly fading. Literally, it has changed my life and I am thankful.

Dr. Bonnie Friehling.  An amazing healer.  A doctor of the future. Today."

Ann Case

May 31, 2016


In 1990 I injured my right knee playing soccer. The orthopedic doctor I saw did an MRI and told me I had damaged the cartilage. He indicated an operation was an alternative but suggested instead, "if you are doing something and your knee hurts, stop doing it". That sounded better than surgery so I "played through" the injury for nine years. Softball, racquetball, golf, hiking...typical midlife manly stuff. In 1999 the injury forced me to arthroscopic surgery to remove the damaged cartilage. All was good for a couple of years but since then, 16 years of bone on bone arthritis, constant pain and limping. No golf, no racquetball, painful treadmill, painful hiking, painful biking, painful life.

In 2015, after discussions with another orthopedic doctor, I scheduled knee replacement surgery. Almost simultaneously I was apprised of prolozone therapy by a friend at the gym. I read and investigated and processed.....and cancelled the surgery.

I talked with Dr. Friehling and scheduled a session for February 10, 2016. Unbelievable! Twenty six years of pain...gone. Knee replacement surgery just a bad dream! I can't express enough to anyone reading this how good a pain free knee feels. I haven't gotten rid of the limp completely yet but it is simply due to habit after 26 years. Boy am I a happy camper! Up and down stairs with minimal effort, walking again at my former frenzied pace. Rowing, treadmill soon, biking again for sure and maybe even back to golf. Truly remarkable.
      John Wilson, age 71

I am 67; a wife, mother of 5 grown children and 10 grandchildren and was enjoying an active life in these beautiful Ozarks. "Our" life changed drastically July 5, 2013 as my husband and I finished an incredible anniversary trip in California. An auto accident prevented us from catching our flight home to Springfield, MO. Since the accident, which resulted in severe sacroiliac joint trauma, I have suffered chronic debilitating SI pain that developed into increasing immobility. For the past year pain was only relieved by bed rest with my husband as caregiver. Surgical intervention was not an option due to insurance denial and there was little gain from common pain relief methods; i.e. physical therapy, steroid injections, massage therapy, relaxation techniques, etc. When my children were little, “boredom” was not allowed to exist with healthy active minds – but I was challenged greatly with this degree of immobility.
From a podcast, I learned of Prozolone treatment. That was 2 months ago. My husband learned of Dr. Bonnie Friehling M.D., practicing in Columbia, MO fairly near us. I have recently completed 2 series of Prozolone injections and am now SI joint pain-free from my status of being completely shut down. How do I express the gratitude for giving me my life back. I continually look forward to increased daily activity. I may possibly be able to return to my original retirement dream of working 2 days a week as a Registered Nurse again. Truly as I breath – “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear”. Thank you Dr. Friehling.
     Terrie L. Brader RN, BSN, NCSN

Before I came in, I had pain in both shoulders to the extent that it bothered me, not to the extent when I tried to do something, but I couldn’t sleep when I lay on my shoulders.  I rated my right shoulder pain as 6-7 out of 10.  The left shoulder pain was 7 out of 10.  Now I’ve always slept on my side.  I’d lie on either shoulder trying to sleep and it would wake me up.  They would be aching and hurting so I wound up sleeping in a recliner and kind of elevated so I could sleep. 
So then I came in to see Dr. Friehling after I was referred by another friend of mine.  And she gave me 3 injections in each shoulder.  The very next morning I felt 50% better.  The next day I was like 100%.  It was the best I’d felt in 6 months for sure.  It’s been 2 weeks since I had the first injections.  My right shoulder has absolutely no pain.  The pain is 0 out of 10.  My left shoulder, I couldn’t say it was a pain, just a discomfort or soreness.  I rate the soreness a 1-2 out of 10.  So I had another 3 injections in my left shoulder and we’ll see how that goes.
Les Steinhoff, male, age 81


I am so excited to find a Doctor that truly seems interested in helping her patients without pushing prescriptions. I met Dr. Friehling in September 2014. 
I had fractured my ankle a few days prior and was desperate to find a doctor to help me find a solution to ease the pain of the fracture immediately. I had a national softball tournament in Las Vegas in two weeks. I did some research and found out about prolozone therapy. Dr. Friehling was the only doctor within 200+ miles of me. I emailed Dr Friehling about midnight. She called me to discuss my condition at 8AM the next morning. She told me she thought she might be able to help and was able to see me the same day. 
I drove about 150 miles (one way) to see her. I still am amazed at the effect the prolozone therapy had on my ankle. My right ankle was very swollen and painful. As soon as she treated me using her prolozone protocol, the swelling decreased and the pain had decreased about 75%. While Dr. Friehling and I were discussing my medial history, she mentioned that this same therapy might help with my knee pain. I have had several surgeries on my right knee and have been told that it is just a matter of time before I will need knee replacement. The Prolozone helped with the pain and stiffness to my knee also. To all my teammates amazement, I was able to play 2 weeks later. I played in all 5 of our games and I even managed to get a triple, all on a fractured ankle. I was so interested in Ozone and Prolozone Therapies, I brought 3 friends down with me to hear about it. Dr Friehling was so patient and answered all their questions. 
Four months later, I fractured my left radial head (my proximal head of my radius). So of course, I made an appointment to see Dr Friehling. I had some Prolozone therapy into my Elbow. I was hoping for the same pain relief, and I received that. The pain was almost gone completely by the time I got home. I received much more than I was expecting. 
When I returned for my one week follow-up with my Orthopedic doctor, he told me he couldn’t even see the fracture any longer. The X-rays’s showed my fracture had healed 90% in 1 week. He was so very intrigued by any treatment that could improve a fracture so quickly he wanted to know more. 
Dr. Friehling has been very helpful and informative to me. I am so glad to have found her. I have also requested her to conduct a Hair Mineral Analysis. I haven’t received the results yet, but I am sure I will get some good information from the Analysis and advice from Dr. Friehling. 
I hope I don’t have any more broken bones anytime soon, but I will continue to see her occasionally for treatment on my knee. It is comforting to know that I have found a doctor that I can turn to for holistic healing. 
          Sheryl Meyer, 1/18/15


I just did makeup on 14 people, stood for 4 1/2 hours, had no pain in my hip!- thank you, thank you, thank you.      
          Mary Piper 5/24/14                                                                                                  

           J.R., 74 yo male, 6/5/14    
I had a tendon problem with my achilles heel and I came in and I got an ozone shot.  It is 100% better! I had had this problem for about a year.  I went to the Orthopedic Group in Columbia, MO, and recommended I see a physical therapist.  I went for PT for 6 weeks and I didn't think it was getting any better.  So I went back to the Orthopedic Group and he suggested I wear a boot for 6 weeks or consider surgery; and I said no, I'll just live with the pain. Then I went to get my back adjusted with chiropractor Dr. White and he said to get the Prolozone Therapy.  So I got the shot.  I'm telling you, it's just amazing!  I'm amazed at how great I feel!  I was really surprised, because initially I was really skeptical.  I feel that Dr. White always gives me great advice, and that's why I came down here.

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