Bonnie S. Friehling, M.D. - Nutritional Balancing       Ozone Therapy         Meso-Esthetics

Reflexology by Stacy Summers, Certified Reflexologist
Please call her for an appointment

Located at Dr. Friehling’s office
1511 Chapel Hill Road, Suite 101
Columbia, MO  65203
cell: 573-529-0604
office: 573-446-1200


  • Overall support for the body in the nutritional balancing program
  • Relaxation
  • Decreases the body’s sympathetic dominance (fight/flight reactions)
  • Increases parasympathetic activity (healing, detoxifying, rebuilding)
  • Pain Reduction
  • Improves in Blood Flow
  • Helps alleviate symptoms of: fibromyalgia, insomnia, muscle tension, bowel disorders, pregnancy, anxiety, depression

Please call the office to schedule your reflexology appointment

Fees $55 per hour

$5 discount on your first appointment if you mention this ad

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