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Now offering THERMIva

Non-surgical Vulvovaginal Rejuvenation
Childbirth and the natural aging process cause changes, which may affect feminine wellness.  A particularly strenuous vaginal childbirth, or multiple births, can cause stretching of the vagina.  The effects of menopause can also cause physical and functional changes, such as excessive dryness.  Both conditions can rob women (and their partners) of their sense of wellbeing and happiness.
ThermiVa is a non-surgical vaginal tightening treatment for women who want to reclaim what childbirth or aging may have taken away. Radiofrequency energy is used to gently heat tissue so that women can reclaim, restore, and revive feminine wellness without discomfort or downtime.  The ThermiVa electrode is designed to treat the internal vaginal walls, external vulva (labia majora and labia minora) heating the tissue and stimulating the body’s own collagen production. ThermiVa is performed in three treatments over the course of three months.  Yearly follow-up single treatments are recommended.
Start the conversation:
How would you rate your vaginal tightness?
1.     Very loose
2.     Moderately loose
3.    Moderately tight
4.    Very tight
Has your relationship with your partner been adversely affected due to childbirth or the natural aging process?
1.     Definitely
2.     Somewhat
3.    Minimally
4.    Not at all
Do you experience discomfort during intercourse due to dryness?
1.     Yes
2.     Often
3.    Sometimes
4.    Rarely or never
How would you rate your level of sexual desire?
1.     Poor
2.     Fair
3.    Good
4.    Excellent
How confident are you about becoming aroused during sexual activity?
1.     No confidence
2.     Very low confidence
3.    Moderate confidence
4.    Very confident
Do you frequently experience urinary leaking or urgency?
1.     Usually
2.     Sometimes
3.    Rarely
4.    Never
If you scored a “1” or “2” on any of the questions above, talk to Dr. Friehling about ThermiVa

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