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Well, I am one of those that hardly knows how to begin, nor really where to end. So, I will begin with the day I decided to do black cancer salve for my thyroid cancer on March 13th.  Dr. Eaton applied the black salve. And he gave me Dr. Friehling's phone #. I will be honest. I only wanted to get pain meds, as I knew the black salve treatment could become painful. I did not realize that Dr. Friehling would have the answers to sooo very many questions that I had gathered in the last 30 years of the health and healing journey that I have been on.  I feel like God helps us to cross paths with different people at specific times in our lives, and Dr. Friehling was one of these people.
I met Dr. Friehling on the 16th of March. I wanted to talk to her face to face. I'm so glad that I did. Several times she has said that she could just call me, but going for an appt helps me in so many varied ways. Perhaps it's just her love for healing, or her vitality. I go away encouraged, and enlightened.
On the 16th of March, the first thing she did was hand me Dr. Wilson's book, "Nutritional Balancing and Hair Analysis". Then we sent a hair analysis off, and finally she provided me with a healing plan of a nutritional outline, coffee enemas, and supplements, meditation and encouraged me to get a near infrared sauna to begin that journey. I went away feeling hopeful that not only could I overcome the cancer, but I was on target for healing my beraggled body.
The thyroid tumor came out after 13 days on the black salve and the wound site was closed up by day 25. As of this writing it is still shrinking and healing nicely. The hair analysis took about 2 weeks to come back, and in the mean time I was losing weight, while basically laying in bed, and perhaps having a slow walk around the yard. I was exhausted most of the time through the black salve treatment and some beyond. This was not surprising when we got the hair analysis results.
The hair analysis showed that I was in adrenal exhaustion, as well as several areas of toxicity.  But, I was already sleeping better, feeling better than I had in some time, and losing weight faster than I ever had any other way. So, she added a few more supplements to my regime, as well as begin Protocel. An important note here is that Dr. Friehling encouraged me to get off my anti-depressants. At first I thought to myself, this is not the time, but I read the articles that Dr. Wilson has on them and realized that they were not beneficial to me. The supplement regime that she gave me helped me to wean off the anti-depressants in 3 weeks. I would not have thought this possible. I am not only happier, but still able to handle the emotions that come when battling a disease.
The only other prescription medication I take is PTU for hyperthyroid. I was diagnosed in 1996 with multinodular hyperthyroid. The dr's tried to get me to radioactively kill my thyroid. I refused. I just believed that there must be some other way. At my third appt wtih Dr. Friehling we discussed the possibility of weaning off the PTU as well. I am down to one 50mg pill every other day. I do not have any adverse affects and will at some point have blood work done to see how everything looks that way.
In reading Dr. Wilson's articles I have begun to realize that I have been pushing my body, a body that was already very tired, and it was not gaining me anything. I began to just take slow walks, and do gentle yoga. Very new to me. But as of the writing of this on June 1, 2012 I have lost 25 lbs, I feel so much better, and realize that I have a ways to go yet toward being totally healed. My hair is getting thicker and my nails are so strong and long.  I have greater mental clarity, and my energy is slowing improving as well.
Not only have my dr's appts with Dr. Friehling been wonderful, but I have never had a dr that was so supportive and interactive with me in my healing journey. Blessing come sometimes in various ways, and so I'm thankful for God and His plan that caused me to seek out Dr. Bonnie Friehling. 
6/2/12 P.A. age 50

Dr. F.
Still doing well without migraine medication and weight loss.  I’ve kept off my 28/29 pound weight loss.  Haven’t hit 30 yet but am still hopeful.  Migraine hits like clockwork on day 2 of my cycle.  Excedrin migraine and ice pack take care of it.  I’ve also reduced the amount of Crohn’s medication and still doing well.  I continue to take my supplements and feel good.  I run 3 miles every other day and on “off” days I either do yoga or toning and rest if needed.  I’ve lost 4 inches around my chest and each thigh; and 2 inches around my arms, waist and hips.  Through this experience here is what I have learned:
·         Sugar makes my face break out
·         Diet soda gives me headaches
·         Stevia is my new best friend
·         Melatonin helps me get better sleep
·         This is the best shape I have ever been in my life
·         I am blessed to be a healthy example for others
·         I love being a medium/size 6 instead of a Large-X-Large/size 12. Thank you!    
M.A.- female 2/7/12

As of this morning, I have lost 8.2 pounds.  I think I am finally getting into a rhythm with drops and food.  Over all, I physically feel better except for some weakness in the morning.  One day two I had a bad migraine at 2 am and needed something in my stomach to take some Excedrin Migraine so I drank a cup of skim milk.  On day 4 I was so weak after my shower I had to sit down.  So I drank another cup of skim milk.  I pulled up “Pounds and Inches” again on your website to see I’m only allowed a tablespoon of milk a day.  But I read where I can eat a piece of fruit at bedtime.  So I have been able to spread out my eating enough to feel ok in the morning.
I assume you removed the breadstick/melba toast from the diet so I can be gluten free?  I have noticed that my daily stomach cramping/bloating/gas has almost disappeared, and I did not have a headache during my monthly cycle last week.  I feel like I am sleeping better as well.  So I plan to continue with the diet and supplements.  I would love to be a testimonial on your website.
If I encounter any problems, I will contact you.  Thank you.    
M.A.- female, 9/6/11

I had normal bowel movements until I underwent heart bypass surgery and chemotherapy in 2005 and developed constipation.  I had to take stool softeners daily, and finally went to a product called Calm which was expensive but worked well, except the stool would always be sticky.  Within a day of starting GB-3, I went to having 2 bowel movements a day like I would normally.  I quit the Calm in 2 days, and the stool are normal like they used to be, and I'm happy!  I didn't think there was any way that I could correct the constipation.
Delmar Elben, male, age 86, 5/19/11

Thank you for forwarding my report card on my latest hair analysis.  I was pleased to see things are progressing and I am getting better everyday.  
I have passed a lot of parasites the last few weeks.  They have been flat-worm-looking, larger at one end.  They have ranged from 12 to 3 inches long.  As you know we have been to quite a few foreign countries.  I am extremely glad to be rid of these varmints!  
I continue to eat slow oxidizer diet, take minerals and vitamins, coffee enemas and light therapy.  Most bloating is gone, along with indigestion and digestive flare ups.  I am still coughing some but not anything like I was.  It seems to be sinus head congestion.  Some days when there is coughing I pass the parasites when I do my morning enemas. 
Keep in touch and let me know what I need to do next.  Thank you for your help and interest in our family.  
God Bless.
A.U.- Age 56, female

After several rounds with different doctors and a naturopath or two, I found Dr. Bonnie and started with the Nutritional Balancing program.  I weighed just over 250 pounds, have Type II diabetes and was having some extreme fatigue symptoms.   After being on the Nutritional Balancing, seeing results and learning to trust Dr Bonnie, I decided to try the HCG diet. I am SO glad I did.  After years of being overweight, trying diet after diet and failing time and again, I was suspicious of anything new, plus I wasn’t certain that I would have the willpower to follow through with what I thought was a very difficult regime.  
As it turns out, this is not that difficult and the results are incredible.  This HCG very low calorie diet and maintenance plan has taught me to pay attention to what I eat, how I eat and what affect my choices have on my body.  I've learned that I can easily live without sugar and that the food that is good for me can taste wonderful.  So far I’ve lost almost 50 pounds, my blood sugar is now in the normal range without any medication and my blood pressure is good.  I feel great and it is an incredible experience to go through your closet and pull out everything that is now too big. 
J.B., female, Age 53.  9/16/10

When we met over six weeks ago and was preparing the information for your presentation, you mentioned six things that anyone could do to enhance their health.  I implemented Vitamin D and Kelp in my routine of supplements.  An amazing thing happened. I had a weak nail on my right hand that had deteriorated to a thin, weak, brittle and discolored nail bed.  I had similar occurrences in both thumb nails.  Since taking the kelp and Vitamin D, (the only changes I’ve made) my nails look strong and healthy.  For the first time in at least four years, all my nails are a respectable length and my nail beds looks healthy and undamaged. I have to attribute the improvements to kelp and vitamin D, since that’s the only thing I’ve added to my very bare bones regimen.  Thanks for the  advice.  Believe me, I’ve used everything from over-priced nail soaks, home remedies  to prescription strength Lamasil and nothing worked at all.  You’ll have to see it to believe it.  
Ruth C.   6/29/10

In 1979 I was diagnosed with a thyroid goiter and was given radioactive iodine treatment. Although I was started on thyroid hormone medication, I had various health problems over the ensuing years and was chronically tired. Ten months ago I decided to find an alternative doctor who might help improve my health.
I am so glad that I found Dr. Friehling and started the Nutritional Balancing program! The program is geared toward restoring energy, removing toxins and stopping a downward health spiral. Dr. Friehling allows God to use her so well. She has been firm witih me when needed and always is supportive. When I have a question, she is easily accessible by email or phone and responds quickly.
I know that a person who embarks on this healing lifestyle can reap the most benefits by making a long-term commitment to the program. During the toxin removal process, sometimes I've felt tired, but the diet, supplements and saunas are continuously improving my overall health and I have more energy and feel much better than when I began the program. Thank you, Dr. Friehling, for all you do!   
Ann C., age 69, 6/9/10

My step-daughter, Dana, and me at the Cardinals game last weekend.  I am at 157 lbs now with total pounds lost at 42.5 and inches at 44.5.  I have 3 straight skirts I want to get into and am close.   I can get them zipped but  not comfortably buttoned at the waist.  Will probably quit at 150.
Thanks! Cindy 5/25/10

I have been very overweight for the last 15 years.  I was easily winded by any exercise.  I had terrible edema and skin pigment changes in my legs.  XXL size shirts were tight on me.  My pant size was 56.  I started taking Dr. Friehling's nutritional balancing vitamin/mineral program and drinking the correct water 2005.  I saw one of her patients lose weight rapidly on the Homeopathic HCG diet last year and decided I was ready to lose the weight.  I started the Homeopathic HCG Diet March 2009 at 329 lb.  I have been through 3 courses of the very low calorie portion plus maintenance.  I am now weighing in at 209 lb!  My shirt size is now large.  My pant size is now 36!  I have given away an entire closetful of clothing.  I do several flights of stairs at work with no problem.  I take hour-long walks with my dogs.  People who have not seen me in a while are amazed at the change!  I look 10 years younger and much healthier.  I continue to take the vitamin mineral program, watch my diet carefully and maintain a regular walking/ stairclimbing program.  Thanks, Dr. Friehling, for all helping guide me to better health.  
M.R., male, age 58.  4/19/10

In 2006, I was diagnosed with Grave's Disease. The Natural Doctor I was seeing advised me to see an Endocrinologist. The Endocrinologist wanted to kill my thyroid with Radioactive Iodine. My husband and I wanted to find an alternative before taking such permanent and drastic measures. We tried using essential oils, went to numerous Chiropractor Physicians, counseled with Natural Doctor's from different states - via phone. Spent hours on the Internet searching for answers and spent thousands of dollars trying various kinds of supplements over a course of a couple years. I, honestly, was on the verge of insanity... Then a friend of mine advised me to visit with her Reflexologist - I really wasn't excited about it. However, we were feeling desperate. My husband and I prayed and decided if this Reflexologist could not help relieve some of my serious symptoms than we would consider taking the Radioactive Iodine. After visiting with the Reflexologist on the phone she referred me to Dr. Bonnie. 
To be honest, I was very skeptical of going to another Natural Doctor. By this time, I was exhausted from searching for an alternative - I was loosing hope and was beginning to prepare my heart to take the Radioactive Iodine. Even though I felt so strongly against it. My husband gently prodded me to see Dr. Bonnie and so I did. I am soooo thankful I listened to him. 
After my first visit with Dr. Bonnie - I truly felt, for the first time, someone understood what I was going through and her confidence in being able to help me was so comforting. Also, for the first time, I felt I can turn my health issues over to someone I can trust and start focusing my energy on healing my body. She was firm with me - yet, very patient and sensitive with my very weak state of mind. While we were waiting for the results of our first hair analysis, she gave us a list of things that Brad and I should do to help rest and detox my body. 
In a short amount of time, I was remarkably seeing results. The first thing Dr. Bonnie helped me with was SLEEP!! It felt so good to get a good nights sleep after having insomnia for so long. After reviewing the results of my hair analysis and following her diet profile - I quickly was seeing results.. I just wanted to say (with tears!) Thank you ~ Dr. Bonnie, for allowing God to use you to answer our prayers and restoring my health. Not only are you my Doctor - you've become my friend.  
Jane W.  3/10/10

These were taken last Sunday, weight 169.

This morning I weighed 166.4 which represents a total weight loss of 33.5.  Total inches lost is 39.5.  Following testimonial is written to line up with the pics taken last Sunday.

Updated Testimonial

I am 34 days into my second round of the very low calorie diet.  I have lost a total of 30 lbs and 39 inches since I began my first round last November.  (Note: my first round was only 24 days due to extended travel plans.)  I hope to lose another 5-8 lbs before I finish this round.  I have become very aware that physical activity makes a significant difference in my day to day weight loss.  I feel great physically and have the entire time I have been on the diet.  I probably cruised along with some level of depression about my weight for years (especially when clothes shopping).  But that is gone and I feel like a new woman.  And I am so proud to say that I have a waist again!!! 
Cindy M. 2/25/10

Around the age of 40 I started gaining weight, slowly  but surely, each year I added a few more pounds.  By age 60 I was gaining and losing the same 10 pounds over and over again but still was  50 pounds heavier than I was 20 years ago.  
In September, 2009 I was in Dr. Friehling’s office for a routine visit and saw the brochure on  the HCG diet.  We talked about it during my visit and she sent me a PDF of Dr. Simeon’s book “Pounds and Inches” .  I read it carefully and took about a month to weigh the pros and cons.  It seemed difficult but the benefits were numerous and results promised to come quickly.  In the end I figured I could knuckle down for the relatively short period in order to lose up to a pound a day.  I already knew I couldn’t stick with any “pound a week” diet long enough to make a significant difference in my weight.  What the heck!  I decided to “go for the gold”.
I started the diet on November 7, 2009 weighing 197.7.  The first two days require the dieter to stuff with fattening foods and I weighed 199.9 after having done so.  I may have gained 2 pounds in the first two days but lost 4 after the first day of the very low calorie phase.
I followed the diet to the letter and took the drops and supplements religiously.  My weight loss was steady and rewarding.  On December 2, 2009 I weighed 181.0 pounds!!! That’s 18.9 pounds in 25 days and an average of .75 pounds per day not to mention a loss of 26 inches overall.  The pounds and inches just fell off my hips and thighs.
I had not reached my goal weight by Dec 2 but I needed to stop the diet because I was going out of town and it was not possible to pack all my meals for nearly a week.  I am excited to start Round 2 in January, 2010 and am confident that it will only take a few more weeks till I need an entirely new Spring wardrobe!
As a side note, sometime in my 40’s (and after I had gained weight) I had to start taking medication for high blood pressure.  When I started the diet I was taking a beta blocker and a diuretic.  Five days after starting the diet I was off both medications and my blood pressure was awesome!  While on maintenance I have had to resume only the diuretic but am looking forward to putting all medications behind me after I lose the next 20 pounds on Round 2.  

Cindy M. 12/28/09

I was sick of my weight and had heard of Dr. Friehling's program so went for a consultation and started the VLCD. The first 30 days I lost 30 pounds. This program is not hard to follow and the pounds dropped quickly for me. When I started, I was headed to size 44 pants and at this time I am in size 36. I am now on my second round of dieting and my goal is to be in size 32 pants and to weigh 185 pounds. (A side benefit from my dieting is that my wife lost over 20 pounds simply by assisting me.) 
I have and will continue to recommend this diet to anyone who comments about my transformation and asks how I did it!
M.L., male,  9/30/09

Dr. Bonnie Friehling is a God-send to me! The hair analysis showed what no allopathic testing was able to validate: my extreme exhaustion and imbalance. The supplements and diet changes got me started on a path of feeling better and more hopeful. In addition, I am now on the HCG diet and it is amazing. I have lost 15 lbs in 3 weeks, have renewed energy, and even though I am on 500cal per day, I do not feel weak or hungry. It is a miracle to be using the HCG drops. Dr. Bonnie Friehling is extremely knowledgeable and professional. She practices what she teaches and is very inspirational. People do not have to resign themselves to obesity or chronic exhaustion! Here is some great help! Highly recommended. 
Kathy W.  6/20/09

I am so happy to find a doctor who wants to heal people instead of just treating the symptoms with drugs, without ever getting to the root of the problem. I now have the real and correct analysis to my health problems. I already feel better and in the first phase of my weight loss, I am down 13.8 lbs. with a total goal of 30 lbs to lose. The program works only if you are serious about getting healthier, not just thinner. There is a definite difference. I had lost weight with other programs but still did not feel well. No one, not even my ob/gyn had answers to all my problems, nor did my thyroid doctor. I know it took years to get my body in this condition and it is a life long commitment to healing it and with Dr. Friehlings help I will.  
(Name Withheld) 6/16/09
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