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       About Dr. Friehling

Dr. FriehlingI have been in practice as a family physician since 1980.  For the last 21 years I have been focused on providing holistic health through a variety of services.  I work with patients who wish to improve their health and energy, increase vitality, decrease and eliminated use of medications, and remove toxins. 
I welcome the opportunity to partner with individuals who are seeking nutritional guidance and want to make lasting positive changes in their lives.  

I received my Fellowship in the American Academy of Ozonotherapy May of 2013. The AAOT is involved in an IRB study (FDA study) designed to assess the benefits of ozone therapy.  I am asking my patients to allow me to include their ozone experiences in this study.

This technique uses ozonated clotted whole blood to treat joint pain for outstanding pain relief.
Nutritional Balancing With Hair Mineral Analysis is a safe, easy and noninvasive way to assess body chemistry, stress-handling, oxidation rate, energy production, adrenal and thyroid activity, and the presence of toxins.  Based on research and years of experience by Larry Wilson M.D. and the late Dr. Paul Eck, nutritional balancing reveals health trends and can predict future medical problems.  I have been using hair tissue mineral analysis as a primary tool in my practice for 5 years. A mineral balancing program can help with female/male hormone imbalances, fertility issues, PMS, perimenopausal issues, acne & eczema, chronic conditions or diseases, such as diabetes, hypertension, cardiovascular disease, coronary/peripheral artery disease, degenerative diseases, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome,  ADD/ADHD, autism, arthritis, and many others.

These procedures use the patient's own platelet-rich plasma (PRP) in a fibrin rich matrix.  The activated PRP contains growth factors which promote growth of new tissue:  collagen, fatty tissue and new blood vessels, this promoting a smooth, healthy glow to the skin.  Meso-Esthetic Therapies result in looking natural and younger.

Near Infra-red Sauna use aids tremendously in allowing the body to detoxify, helps the body get out of sympathetic dominance and rejuvenates the skin. Read the JAMA February, 2015 Finnish Sauna Study about Sauna and Cardiovascular Disease

The Truth Skin Care Line - gentle, effective skin care products:  highly concentrated with no fillers, no chemical additives, nothing that is not natural.  These products work wonderfully with the skin chemistry!

Pregnancy and Pre-Pregnancy
Everyone should be on a mineral balancing program.  I highly recommend that women who are considering pregnancy get a hair mineral test and start a nutritional balancing program with positive lifestyle to build up their nutritional status and reduce toxins which would be passed onto their developing babies.  In fact, all girls from young ages to pre-pubescent, post-pubescent and young adulthood would greatly improve both their health and the health of the next generation by following the recommendations made from the hair mineral analysis. 

Children's Health
This program is very effective for children with issues such as ADD, autism, PDD,  and conduct disorder. 
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