Try a Mineral Balancing Program to Improve These Conditions

We all know that a lack of vitamin C can lead to scurvy, but what happens if you lack minerals? If you aren’t getting the minerals you need, you might experience multiple health issues, but modern analysis techniques have made it easy to test for mineral deficiencies and supplement our diet.

At her practice in Columbia, Missouri, Dr. Bonnie Friehling has been providing hair mineral analysis to her patients for many years, developing tailored balancing treatments to improve health and wellness. 

The importance of proper nutrition 

How and what you eat has a large impact on your health and mood, especially if you have a digestive or cardiovascular condition. Without a nutrient-rich, fulfilling diet, you might find yourself feeling fatigued, irritable, or generally ill. A balancing program is a great way to find out which minerals you’re lacking, and build a nutrition plan to supplement your diet. 

The symptoms of mineral deficiency can be subtle, but here are a few conditions that can be improved using a mineral balancing program:

A balanced nutrition program can also help with the following health issues: 

If you suspect that you’re suffering from a mineral deficiency, Dr. Friehling will use a hair mineral analysis test to see which nutrients you’re lacking. 

How hair mineral analysis works 

Your body contains lots of clues about your lifestyle and environment. Most people know that hair can be used to identify you in criminal investigations or paternity tests, but it also holds information about your stress levels, drug use, and bodily functions. 

Your hair naturally absorbs chemicals from the world around you, including toxins. If you’ve been exposed to something harmful, such as drugs or heavy metals, they’ll show up in your hair. Hair holds traces of these chemicals long after they’ve left your body, which allows your doctor to get a full picture of your health. 

Dr Friehling’s hair analysis test looks at over 21 minerals, and gives her information on your body chemistry, thyroid activity, energy production, and digestive issues. It can also detect the presence of heavy metals, which is important if you’ve been exposed. Using the information she gathers from your hair analysis, Dr. Friehling will help you build a nutrition plan. 

If you’d like to learn more about mineral deficiency and Dr. Friehling’s nutritional-balancing program, get in touch by calling 573-446-1200, or visit the contact page for more options. 

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