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Dr. Bonnie FriehlingHolistic Health Care Provider in Columbia, Missouri

It is my goal as a holistic health provider to improve your health and energy, increase vitality, and decrease or eliminate the use of medications. I take a functional medicine approach with my patients. I welcome the opportunity to partner with individuals who are seeking nutritional guidance and want to make lasting, positive changes in their life.

What is meant by holistic health?

Rather than focusing on illness or specific parts of the body, this ancient approach to health considers the whole person and how he or she interacts with his or her environment. It emphasizes the connection of mind, body, and spirit.

What is a holistic approach to health?

Holistic health care is an integrated approach to health care that looks at the “whole” person, not just the symptoms and the disease. It is the concept that a human being is multi-dimensional. A holistic health provider looks at different levels (physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual). Holistic nutrition focuses on a natural approach to a healthy diet and considers the individual as a whole, including all aspects of his or her lifestyle.

How do you practice functional wellness?

I practice functional medicine by focusing on biology. I will work with you to identify and address the root cause of your issues, rather than only treating the symptoms.

What naturopathic solutions do you take?

I take a natural approach to health-care, supplements, nutrition and lifestyle changes whenever possible. I always work to find the most effective treatment regimen for your body and conditions. It is my belief that health is the natural state of our bodies, and health-care should be practiced with the goal of returning to that state by removing obstacles to health. I will work with you to focus on:

– Improving a poor diet

– Maximizing the body’s natural detoxification processes

– Reducing digestive disturbances

– Lowering chronic stress

– Promoting an overall sense of well-being and harmony

Holistic Health Therapies

Improve your health and energy, increase vitality, decrease and eliminate the use of medications, and remove toxins.

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